Delicious design. Tbokhlee is an online homemade “plat du jour” food delivery concept based in Beirut. the challenge was to create a brand that highlights homemade food through an online platform that is appetizingly user friendly and attractive. A website that targets locals and expats stuck at the office who are dreaming of healthy homemade food. But the real challenge was incorporating an Arab feel in a smart and witty way. After all the meaning of the name is Cook “for me” in Arabic.


The brandmark has a beautiful handcrafted free flowing form incorporating the Arabic “lee” within TbokhLee. The brand language supports the brandmark by bringing out hints of Arabic calligraphy and the warmth of eating homemade cooking. The online experience sticks to the values of this concept by keeping the site’s navigation simple and accessible, the content straightforward, the imagery appetizing—and everything optimized for mobile and search.