A franchisable restaurant, Sushi Joint has a mainly delivery based business model in Beirut. Fresh. Cold. Sushi. Properly refrigerated. Made in a special kitchen with chilling temperatures. Delivered straight to your home or office on refrigerated motorbikes. Perfect for special occasions, lunch or dinner.

The name Sushi Joint was inspired by the meaning of “joint”: an establishment of a specified kind, especially one where people meet for eating, drinking, or entertainment. 

The design had to be easily franshisable as they aim to replicate the concept in different markets with an emphasis on the GCC. The design was based on the concept of “raw pleasure around the city” which hinted to the delicious meals and delivery. The inspiration arose from a fin moving across water which mimics delivery motorbikes moving across the city. The brand language sprung from street signs with a unique twist. In addition, to the flashy neon-like fresh colors are fitting for a diner joint, cold sushi and trendy brand. Given the delivery business model, interaction with consumers was via a website and app. User experience was the biggest challenge but thorough research on user behavior we created a swimming smooth user journey with easy order placement.