You don’t need a catwalk to strike a pose. After always being asked questions about what she was wearing, the client, a stylist, decided to collaborate with an upcoming designer to create their own collection. Trendy. Fashionable. Unique. Targeting 25-40 year olds. Social media was their sales outlet with no intention of launching a brick and mortar outlet. The collection always changes depending on the latest international trends and season. Since the brand is a dynamic, moving screen-based/online brand, the communication and design had to consider the parameters of online marketing and exposure.

We reflected the brands dynamic changing nature in the brandmark itself and the brand language. The brandmark and language change to hint and raise curiosity to represent that particular collection or what is coming out next. The concept follows the title “Unorthodox You” to illustrate an edgy, independent and confident woman. This was represented through the use of slanted diagonal lines that cut through the layouts, following a well-studied grid. The colors were chosen to showcase that particular collection. Typography was treated to portray the rebellious spirit. The naming was inspired by contradiction to portray the two sides to every modern woman. A feminine sweet lady juxtaposed against a rebellious and strong spirited woman. The name Pretty Pretty Please dressed the development of a stylized monogram PPP which was intended as the brand’s stamp for screen based clarity. The online brand was supported by offline printed applications: bag, tag, wrapping paper. This shifted the journey from an online experience to a tangible offline experience.