About the brand:

Music from Senegal, design from Jordan, animated films from South Africa: There is immense talent in the countries of Africa and the Middle East, as well as an ever growing cultural and creative economy. These industries – ranging from film, music, fashion and design to animation and gaming – offer attractive employment and income perspectives to especially young people. For the German development cooperation the creative industries are of special interest: they are drivers for employment, they set important innovation impulses in society and economy, they foster identities and they create dialogue spaces. In the time of digitalization it is especially the creatives who design solutions for current challenges and develop these into successful business models: video-on-demand as an answer to absent cinemas, gamification for practice-oriented education, working in the cloud to bridge spatial distances, crowdfunding as alternative financing for new ideas and products. Culture adds a fourth dimension to the three (economic, ecologic and social) dimensions of sustainability and is anchored in the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. Since 2018 the Federal German Ministry for Cooperation and Development is exploring this new field through its Global Project Culture and Creative Industries with a special focus on the economic and developmental potential of the creative industries. The project is active in 6 countries – Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq in the Middle East and Kenya, Senegal and South Africa in Subsahara-Africa and focuses on the sectors of Music, Design, Fashion and New Media (VR, Animation, Gaming). Activities are carried out together with the Goethe Institut, a well-connected global cultural institute.